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You wake up thinking about the tons of files you need to get through and the constant bombardment of work. Family time boils down to you sitting on your laptop while your kids scream around you. In today’s busy times, it is hard to stay positive and productive. We all need an extra helping hand to guide us. Research shows that there is a direct link between lack of productivity and stress, and with the advent of social media, it is becoming even more difficult to keep ones head in the game. One of the key hindrances to productivity is procrastination. Procrastination is a common occurrence amongst people. We all procrastinate on some level, but how do you know if you’re a chronic procrastinator? Chronic procrastinators have perpetual problems finishing tasks, while situational ones delay based on the nature of the task itself. “I think the basic notion of procrastination as self-regulation failure is pretty clear,” says Timothy Pychyl of Carleton University, in Canada. “You know what you ought to do and you’re not able to bring yourself to do it. It’s that gap between intention and action.” While there is no sure-fire way to always be on the productive bandwagon, tools can go a long way to alleviating some of the pressure that daily life throws at us. Simple daily tasks like converting an excel file to a word document can be a mission without the right tools. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can juggle your responsibilities with ease, using file2convert of course!

Streamline all your activities

If your files are laying all over the show, it will be hard to even begin to work, let alone get major tasks completed . With file2convert, you can covert to over 40 different file formats AND store them all on the cloud. There are many file converters out there, but file2convert goes above and beyond just converting the usual file formats. For example, you can also convert from excel to word! Another great feature of file2 convert is that files can be sent straight to your email address and files are stored straight onto the cloud. Gone are the days where you have to run around like a headless chicken searching for lost files.

Find tools that will save you time

The hustle and bustle of life can drive us insane, that’s why we need tools that will allow us to save time. File2convert allows one to convert files like excel to word with a click of a button. No more waiting in queues to download files. Simply go to the homepage at in order to get started!

Break down bigger tasks into smaller ones

Nelson Mandela once said, “it always seems impossible, until it’s done”. The trick to tackling bigger assignments is to create smaller sub tasks that you can tackle step by step. Make a list of the sub tasks and assign a date to each of them. Once it is completed, tick off the sub task. File2convert makes it easy to store all conversions on a cloud, making it easy to juggle bigger work loads. For instance, I can convert from excel to word and save it on my account, allowing me to come back to it later when I need to work on it.

So there you have it, file2convert is a fantastic tool that will help you manage your files more easily. With various functions, like being able to convert from excel to word, file2convert is an all-encompassing platform that will greatly increase your success rates, thereby reducing your stress levels and making you a happy camper!